Visual Dominates

When it comes to the 3 components of communication – words, tone of voice, and visual; the Visual is the most dominant.

Here are 2 facts to consider . . .

First, the nerve pathways from the eyes to the brain are 25% larger than the nerve pathways of the ear to the brain. That’s quite fascinating. Second, the eyes are the only sensory organ that contains brain cells. Now that’s cool! Visual dominates all senses.

Eye communication has the biggest impact. It connects mind to mind, 1st brain to 1st brain connection, and eye communication conveys involvement. Lets say, as an example, you are sharing great news with someone. You’ve got that excitement in your voice and the animation of your body just saturates to the brain. You’ve got conviction of message. However, if your body language is inconsistent with your message, you are nervous, insecure body language, and your eyes are darting back and forth – your words will not be trusted. Instead, the message you may be giving is inconsistent, insincere, not confident, or perhaps hiding something. What if you find yourself in a compromising situation or position and you need to establish trust with the people you are communicating with? Remember, YOU are the visual. So, be very aware of the message you are giving to others. When communicating with others, I guess it all boils down to “what you see is what you get”.

Lets take this tip, Visual Dominates, and apply it to another area of communication.  Lets say you are doing a presentation, training, or conveying information. Link your information to a visual. If visual dominates, it sure makes sense to do so. We’ve all heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

Now, here’s a killer concept when it comes to visual . . .    It’s hard for the eye to resist a moving object. These days, people are so into TV, computers, computer games, DVD’s, movies, videos, and You Tube. So, to have even more impact, rather than using a stagnant visual, use something more animated. It’s a powerful engagement tool! If you are not linking your information to a moving object or visual, remember – You are the Visual. Be aware of your body positioning, your movements, the natural flow as you communicate. When it comes to communication, Visual Dominates!

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