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7 Tips for Air Travel and Security Lineups

With air travel getting more stressful and less dignified, here are 7 tips for check-in, security line-ups, and when on board the plane. Get your boarding pass ASAP – Most airlines offer 24 hour advance check-in online and often you … Continue reading

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Email Tips

When it comes to email in the workplace, did you know the #1 complaint is that there is just too much of it? When you think about it, probably 50% of the emails in your inbox are of low importance … Continue reading

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Communicating with Teenagers

Effective communication is one of the most important skills yet when our children become teenagers, it gets more challenging. Communication may become more stressed, painful, frustrating, confusing, anger inducing, heart wrenching. These communication tips are designed to help you open … Continue reading

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How to Connect to 97% of your Audience – Part 1

When speaking to an audience, how can you ensure you’ll reach them? How can you connect to each and every one of them? When you have to deliver a message to various individuals, they’ll be filtering what you say based … Continue reading

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3 Tips for Men – Resolving Conflict with Woman

Gentlemen, these tips are for you. Women often have different perspectives and ways of resolving conflict compared to men. Also, the nature of the relationship you have with her will determine how you communicate; be it a business colleague, neighbour, … Continue reading

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