McLaren Formula Training

Fast, Fun, and Focused

Your time is valuable

There is an art and science to learning, teaching and retaining information. There are some incredibly simple formulas to share with you to increase your efficiency, energy, and enjoyment in learning, retaining, and implementing change.

You’ve heard the statistics. In traditional training environments, you will lose 80% of what you learned within 2 hours to 2 weeks. It’s like forgetting to press ‘save’ after closing your document, or trying to remember just a few jokes moments after listening to a comedian.

In workshops, conference break-out sessions or corporate training, once you learn these formulas, we will implement them throughout the training. It’s fast, fun, and focused.

You’ll benefit as you accelerate your own ability to learn, retain and implement changes as you pursue your goals. You can also use these systems to maximize your efficiency when teaching and coaching others.

The return on your Training and Development investment will:

  • yield a high retention
  • create a positive, effectual change
  • be an enjoyable and memorable experience

‘These days we have to run faster to stay in place”
Thomas L. Friedman,  Author of  ‘The World is Flat’


McLaren Formula Training;
fast, fun, and focused