Event Organizers

“Your seminar was met with resounding admiration from the attendees who were present. Listeners appreciated the “Exceptional Speaker”, and said “Best session I attended!” The excitement in the room was obvious. You did an amazing job of educating and entertaining this huge group! I also heard a number of wonderful comments afterwards. Everyone left very excited and energized.

As a result, we have invited you back to speak at another conference 6 months from now in Atlantic City. We have never invited a speaker back so quickly as we have with you. I have also recommended you to other conference organizers.”

Margaret O’Neal, Director of Education & Certification
Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association (PNLA)

“Thank you for the wonderful presentation on public speaking skills. I have had nothing but positive feedback from the attendees in both the San Francisco and Los Angeles sessions. In fact, the day after the San Francisco class, the Commissioner called me at home to congratulate me on the excellent choice of vendors and has asked that the class be scheduled again and that we request the same instructor. Congratulations on the successful class on a topic that most people dread.”

         John Connell, Chief Administrative Officer
California Department of Financial Institutions

“The committees met in late October and compiled lists of topic and speaker TBuilding fun run_2suggestions for me to assemble into a complete seminar program. One of the encore speakers included on that list was …Lorna McLaren who ranked in the top 10 speaker list for both her sessions! And two top 10 performances are even more impressive when noted that there were 189 speaker sessions on that list!!

Michelle Gaston, Director Professional Development
OFA Short Course, Columbus, OH

“After experiencing Lorna’s teaching methods, we arranged to bring her into our company for customized training. Excellent both times!

Pamela Mills, Group Service Representative
Pacific Blue Cross, Burnaby, BC

“We contacted Lorna after two of our program consultants raved about how great she was.

Lorna was great to work with as she responded to e-mails and calls in a timely manner, was clear about what she needed, was extremely collaborative and supportive through the process and very understanding and acknowledging of what we were dealing with in relation to the logistics of organizing such an event.

There were a number of things that impressed me about Lorna and her presentation style and methods. She definitely has an abundance of energy and approached the whole day with great enthusiasm and a willingness to do whatever was needed to make the day a success for us and the participants. She had researched our program ahead of time, asked questions regarding all the workshop participants, and was open to any requests or suggestions we had regarding the topics she was going to address. She was very clear that she wanted to meet our expectations and provide a workshop that was worthwhile for all involved.

Lorna had based her agenda for the workshop on our requested topics but because of her skill set was able to be very flexible in addressing situations or issues as they arose throughout the day. She even checked in with me part way through the day to see if anything had come up that she should incorporate for the afternoon session; we discussed a few things that she easily addressed within the context of her presentation. She was clearly a very skilled presenter as she didn’t reference notes or use a power point, and just simply flowed from one topic to another responding to questions with no difficulty or hesitation. She was funny and entertaining while still imparting very valuable and applicable information, which was noted often in her evaluations.

Lorna’s manner was very easy going and light-hearted, and it was obvious that the audience enjoyed her sense of humour and appreciated her perspective. She provided concrete and practical ideas for improving communication and interpersonal relationships, and consistently referred back to many of the key points as she moved through the day. Her suggestions and recommendations all had clear rationale to back them and she used many personal examples to further explain or enhance the information she was sharing. We now have tons of practical information we can draw from as well as ongoing updates through Lorna’s sharing of her communication tips.

We were definitely thrilled to have Lorna as our presenter – extremely worthwhile for all the participants in maintaining and building ongoing strong relationships, both personal and professional. Based on our very positive experience and because her topics are so universal and she is so skilled at adapting to any given situation, I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Lorna for any group or organization from the social service sector to the corporate sector.”

Beth Carter,Regional Coordinator
East Kootenay Supported Child Development Program, Cranbrook, BC