Training On-site

Bring professional training and development to your group, your company, your location.

Peruse the topics and choose a combination that best works for you.  Customizing will be done to ensure relevance and to reach your goals.  Happy to accommodate your timing and schedule training modules for your specific needs.  There can be a dynamic impact as a result of building a high performing team through professional training and development.

1 to 2 hours    ~   2 to 4 hours   ~   4 to 6 hours

Enjoy special rates for direct referral and multiple sessions.  Let us know what you are looking to accomplish.  It’s an honour to be of service!

“Lorna was fantastic. Was made relevant to the group all day. Motivated me to act. Thought Provoking, promoted change. I will recommend it to friends/colleagues”
BMV Advertising, Pyrmont, NSW, Melbourne

Topics ~ a start for ideas
I’m keen to answer questions and adapt to your needs

“What if you don’t train your employees,  and they stay?”  – Derek Bok